Naturally increase breast size using the following techniques

Have small breasts makes you aware about your body and have a lack of confidence in yourself? Do you hate not being able to fill in the various plans and are tired of the various padded bras that may cause bruising or chicken cutlets that can fall out leaving embarrassed? If so, help small women broken and does not imply a breast augmentation. There are several techniques that can be used to naturally increase the size of the breast.

increase breast size

There is a reason that surgery breast augmentation is the second most popular cosmetic procedure after liposuction each year. Large breasts are the ultimate for display of femininity for many women. While you may not want to admit that we want to be the object of desire of many men, women want to feel desirable. A key to attracting the attention of men factors have larger breasts.

Even when this is not a motivating factor for wanting bigger breasts, many women still want to feel safe in their body and may feel insecure if they have small breasts. Being able to fill a nice top without the use of padded bras or chicken cutlets can also be a determining factor.

Many women with small breasts may not want to have huge breasts that can bring its own problems. They just want an increase of one cup size or two.

While breast augmentation surgery is definitely an option to consider, surgery is expensive, has different risks and complications and, in many cases it may be obvious to most that has fake breasts.

This is the reason to be able to increase the size of the natural breast is becoming very popular. It is not as expensive and has few or no side effects, risks and complications.

Techniques to naturally increase the breast

1. The use of phytoestrogens

Estrogen is the female hormone that is responsible for breast growth. Size of the breast is determined by a number of factors such genes. If you're way past puberty, breasts regardless of their size has been fully developed and estrogen does not affect its size.

In order to naturally increase breast size if you're not happy with what final size of the breast is, we must be activated estrogen and the best way is through the use of phytoestrogens. Phyto-estrogens (earth) are derived from various plants and herbs and mimic the action of estrogen in the body. The consumption of these plants and herbs help to create the conditions that were similar to those experienced during puberty causing breasts to naturally increase.

Some plants and herbs that contain phytoestrogens that can afford to go on a cup size or two include seed extract hay greek, dong quai root, fennel seed, soybean, etc.

2. Massage to increase breast size

The type of breast massage you may be able to increase the size of their breasts is derived from an ancient Taoist exercise known as the exercise of deer. It 'been used for hundreds if not thousands of years. The right breast massage improves circulation around the breast area, which then allows the breasts estrogen or blood circulation phytoestrogens are removed and used to enlarge breasts.

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